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Red Light Ending Pose

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Ricky’s wonderful ass.


ok, for the anon asking me about Ricky’s glorious tush, i’m hoping this post will be a most enlightening, worthwhile and educational experience.  let us begin! (all credits on pics + 1 gif / other gifs are mine)


the wonder of Ricky’s ass is so real it has its own section in non-fiction (on the right).


Ricky’s ass is what happens when gods feel generous.


Ricky’s ass beats all your faves.


Ricky’s ass is so fantastic that it exists in the realm between reality and dreams.


Ricky’s ass slays so much, it’s deadlier than a hired assassin.


Ricky’s ass is so cute it could melt puppies’ hearts.


Ricky’s ass is so perfect that mathematicians are writing new theorems around it.











Me not dealing right now:


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Onew’s Back~ (´;ω  ;`)

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18/40 Onew talking (you can’t judge me u.u)

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hello fellow kpop fans! Guess what? There are four more months until Christmas! That may seem like a long ways away but let’s be real: anytime is a good time to celebrate Christmas. 

this year, a group of people joined together with one vision on mind: to make your Christmas on tumblr the best Christmas you can ever have. It’s that time if year again! The Kpop Secret Santa Project 2014 has officially started. If you are interested in how to participate, please keep reading!


  1. To enter, you simple need to reblog this post! Likes will not count but you can do so to bookmark this post
  2. You will be matched up with someone that has similar interests as you! (similar band interests) Please understand that we will try our best to give you your best match but it can get difficult matching so many people. 
  3. You must be a K-type blog to enter. Kpop, K-fashion etc. The title says it all :))
  4. You MUST have your askbox open as well as your anonymous option enabled.We need a way of contacting you to tell you your match. Also, your secret santa needs a way to contact you without revealing who they are 
  5. It would be nice if you have your submit open too but it’s optional
  6. Your secret santa is NOT the person that you were given to be a secret santa to
  7. Once you receive your secret santa feel free to message them! the goal of this project is to get to know a new friend
  8. On Christmas day, you can reveal yourself to them!! Exciting :)

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask!

Other important things to note:

  • We are starting this early so that we have ample time to give you your best
  • The deadline to enter would ideally be Sunday November 30th but we’re not too worried about meeting that date
  • we track the tag kpopss2014 for anyone who enjoys tags!

thank you and we sincerely wish for you all to have a wonderful time participating in this :))

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